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About Us

     Nash Industries, a company built on solid principles and a sound foundation, has established itself as one of the premier small contractors of the Houston Area. Nash Industries principles are simple. We believe in honesty, integrity and quality. We align our principles with those of the Bible and are proud of our Christianity. Our foundation has been formed from many years as a self-performing build out contractor for higher education and other public entities.

     Over the years we have grown into our current company performing as a General Contractor for many of the same entities we started working for in 1999. We are confident that our principles, foundation and experience will allow us to provide a quality build out on time and budget. Through the qualifications and experience listed in this proposal it will become evident that we have the resources and experience needed for a successful and complete project.

     We prefer Gantt Charts to track the progress of our projects and to allow all vested parties of the project to see a clear outline of the project and the projected timeline. We also utilize our quality assurance program and safety program that are also provided within the proposal.

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  • Nash Industries will utilize sub-contractors and self-perform several parts of the project. We look forward to performing your project with honesty, integrity and quality. We also feel that open communication is very important and utilize the latest collaboration software’s and tools to make sure everyone is in the loop on the project. 


  • Nash Industries believes in keeping our reporting simple. We utilize a project manager for each project and charge them with the responsibilities of all reporting for their assigned projects. Project Managers will provide access to all daily logs at any time they are requested. Weekly reports with daily logs attached, a summary of all work performed that week and a forecast of week ahead. We also provide an update Gantt Chart weekly with a report. 

  • Nash Industries is proud to report that we have an exceptional team with no incidents reported with in the past three years. Please see attached safety report with no incidents to report.

  • Nash Industries prides itself in building a team atmosphere where all vendors are treated equal and everyone on site is proud to be part of Nash Industries TEAM.


     Nash Industries prides itself in providing quality project deliveries and therefore we are honored to provide a warranty that goes above and beyond all industry standards. We provide an 18-month warranty on workmanship instead of just one year as a way of showing our commitment to excellence. We also honor all manufacturers warranties and will help facilitate the execution of any manufacturer’s warranty if it is found to be required. We look forward to adding your project to our current project portfolio.

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